Zodiac Art

Zodiac Art Paintings

These Zodiac Art paintings are extremely popular.   Hostallero has done approximately 400 commissions for ALL nationalities.  He incorporates in one painting the Parents Zodiac's in the top circle, the children's zodiacs below as well as family crests.   Options are the Japanese-MON and Kanji of last name, European crest or if crest is not available, Hostallero will add the last name of father and mother in Chinese characters.

Zodiac Art paintings can serve as a "Family Heirloom" to pass down from generation to generation. Gifts commissioned for Japanese 'Golden anniversaries', birthdays, weddings, Christmas, etc. and sometimes the children will get together to buy a Zodiac Art painting for the parents which later gets passed down.  This is a concept Hostallero developed more than 10 years ago and is always popular year round.





Two choices on either Japanese gold or silver rice paper.   Please allow for 2 months to complete the painting.  Three sizes are available:

Small - 17" x 11"
Medium - 30" x 18"
Large - 38" x 22"

To order or for more information, please contact Lee at:
 (800) 228-2006 or Lee@hostallero.com



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